Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

Back at good ol' UI, we got a whole week off at Thanksgiving.  Here at GT, we get Thursday-Friday off.  Luckily my department is semi-understanding and gave us Wednesday off as well.  Not that I was able to go home due to outrageous ticket prices and because it's such a short time, but at least we got a small break.

My cousin Mike is stationed at Fork Polk, Louisiana so he drove over to Atlanta to spend Thanksgiving with me.  He arrived Wednesday evening.  Of the 19 students in the MSPO program, 10 stayed in Atlanta for the holiday.  Two who stayed are married and spent the holiday with their wives; one had other friends in town and had Thanksgiving with them.  That left 7 of us to act as a family and have "Friendsgiving."  So, Mike joined my friends and I for a good day of food, drink, and more food.  We had a pretty good time.  I kind of went overboard on the baking and contributed rolls, apple pie, pumpkin pie, and a pumpkin roll to the feast.

Friday we went to the shooting range and taught my roommate Shannon how to shoot (she had never shot a gun before in her life).  Mike did most of the "training" since he's in the Army.  We shot a .22 pistol, my .357 magnum revolver, and... a full-auto AR-15.  It was fun to introduce someone new to shooting.  Shannon loved it and wants to go shooting again!  Luckily we found out that Thursday nights are "date night" and two people shoot for the price of one... can you say roommate date?

Saturday was the much-anticipated football game of the season... Georgia vs. Georgia Tech!  "The South's biggest rivalry."  The stadium was packed and Mike managed to scalp a ticket to get in.  He was able to sneak into the student section to come sit with us.  Unfortunately, the game was really not super interesting.  There were no big plays, it was continuous inching toward the goal line by both teams.  We ended up losing 31-17 but we left in the 4th quarter because we were all bored.  So it was a little bit of a let-down after all the hype, but we had a good enough time anyway.

Now, it's back to school tomorrow for 2 more weeks of class followed by 2 finals.  I have to finish up the usual semester-end projects and study, and then I'm on a plane headed back home to Idaho on December 15th!  This is the longest I've ever been away from home (it will be 4 months and 8 days by the time I leave) and I'm feeling it.  I get homesick a lot, but usually I'm busy enough that I can get over it.  Hopefully the next 2.5 weeks will fly right by!

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